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Long Term assistance help

Long Term assistance help


  • Long Term Assistance

  • send in all the copies you do have when you apply. It is important to apply as soon as possible. We will give you more time to send additional documents needed.

  • If you or your spouse sold, traded, gifted, or disposed of any property, motor vehicles, stocks, bonds, cash or other assets in the past 5 years you will have to provide the following: □


  • Type of asset □ Reason for transfer □ Value of asset □ Who received the asset □ Amount received for the asset If you want to find out if your spouse can keep some of your monthly income, please provide: □ Spouse’s gross monthly income □ Condo fees □ Mortgage □ Lot Rent □ Property tax bill □ Rent □ Electric bill


  • The following items are needed from you and your spouse to determine if you are eligible for Long-Term Care Medical Assistance: □ Federal Tax Returns for the current year and the preceding four years (please include all forms and schedules). A Record of Account can be obtained from the IRS free of charge by calling 1-800-908-9946 if your Federal tax returns cannot be located. □ Bank and Financial statements on all accounts owned and co-owned: □ Current Month (month of application) □ Previous Month (month prior to application) □ The last five years of the anniversary month of the application □ Current statement of retirement accounts □ Current statement of IRA or Keogh Accounts □ Current statements of: □ Stocks □ Bonds □ Money Market Funds □ Mutual Funds, Treasury, or Other Notes □ Certificates □ Current gross monthly income from all sources including: □ VA Pensions □ Railroad Retirement □ Pensions □ Annuities □ Face and cash value of Life Insurance policies (current annual statement) □ Current statement for burial accounts □ Burial Plot Deeds □ Life Estate Deeds □ Promissory Notes □ Mortgage Notes and Mortgage Deeds □ Trusts (including appendices, schedules, annual accountings, and amendments for the past five years) □ Private Health Insurance Cards including Medicare (copy of both sides) □ Health Insurance premium amounts □ Power of Attorney or Legal Guardianship Documents (if any)

  • Long Term Care Medical Assistance

  • Long Term Care Medical Assistance (LTC), is designed to cover the cost of nursing home care for low income individuals who meet eligibility requirements, including a look back at resources in the five years prior to application. Applications for LTC may be filed online at Maryland myDHR or mailed to your local health department or local department of social services. The Bureau of Long Term Care at 346 Frederick Road, Catonsville, MD 21228 covers applications from Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, and Prince George’s County

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