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Want to make more money in less time?


  1. Don't have the money to invest? 

  2. Don’t know how to prepare taxes?

  3. Don’t know where to start?

  4. Don’t know if taxes are for you?



Make in six months or less what takes the average person to make in a year.

Join the Sofy Tax Club!


Call 301-434-0041 

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I was looking for an alternative form of income and see how much money tax prepare make in such a little time, only in three months of work their income double my yearly salary.  That is when I find out about the Sofy Tax business opportunity. 


They were looking for leaders who are passionate about people and growing an exciting new tax business.  If you are looking for additional income, part-time, start your own tax business, we could help.


Join a community of Sofy Tax Preparer work from our location, no overhead, no significant investment, bring your entrepreneur skills we will bring the rest.


join the sofytax team open your own loca

Join us

  • Open your own tax office

  • Work from our tax office

  • Became an affiliate

  • Became a tax preparer representative

  • Became a Sofy Tax employee


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