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Stimulus Information

Happy Family



Families may qualify up to $2400 for parent and $500 per eligible parents dependent claimed in your taxes.

You must:

1  Must file or have filed taxes 2019

2   If you have not yet filed your taxes, contact us we can help you prepare your simple taxes.



3  Stimulus check will be mail out to you or direct deposit to your bank account.

Worker in a Factory



As individual who pay social security taxes you may be eligible base on your income to receive up to $1200 stimulus check

You must:

You must filed 2019 taxes


2    If you have not yet filed your 2019 taxes and your are not dependent of another or dependent of your parents, contact us, we could help you file your simple taxes.

3   You could request your check to be mail out or direct deposit.

Business Partners at Work



Can take advantages of the U.S. Stimulus package


1    All register business, Self employee, gigs,sole proprietors, independent contractors, and more contact us to find out if you qualify   Must have filed taxes 2019

2   Apply up to $2 million with $10, 000 in advance.  The advance loan of $10,000 don't need to be repaid back.


 3  Loan interest for small business is 3.75%  and non -profits inters is 2.75% 

4. Eligible small business loan applicants will receive the $10,000 advance withing three days after a successful application.

Individual U.S. Citizens, permanent residents, business and non-profit may qualify for stimulus check due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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